Quick Answer: What Is A Box Grater?

What can I use instead of a box grater?

Here are three easy ways how to grate cheese without a cheese grater, just in case you need to know.Food processor.

If you can find a food processor, shredding isn’t a problem.



Vegetable peeler.


What is the best box grater?

After conducting 45 hours of research and testing 34 models over three years, we’re confident the best grater for your kitchen is the Cuisipro Surface Glide 4-Sided Box Grater. Its super-sharp etched teeth shred cheeses, carrots, and potatoes incredibly easily and efficiently, more so than any other model we tried.

Which side of the grater is for shredding?

Generally speaking, one side of the grater will be taken up by these larger shredding holes. These larger holes are perfect for grating cheese, either soft or hard. One hack to make grating easier, is to freeze the cheese first. Fruit and vegetables can also be grated using this side.

Can I zest a lemon with a cheese grater?

A cheese grater might seem like a good option, but often the grates are either too deep or too shallow to efficiently get the zest off of the citrus. … This ultra-fine dice is packed with lemon flavor and can be used in any recipe that calls for lemon zest.

What does a Microplane grater look like?

Most people know what a zester is, but a microplane might be new to you. If so, here is a quick description: it’s a grater that looks like a traditional woodworker’s rasp, which is where the design idea came from. They shave much more finely and consistently than what can be produced by most traditional box graters.

What is a box grater used for?

A grater, also known as a shredder, is a kitchen utensil used to grate foods into fine pieces.

What are the 4 sides of a box grater used for?

Medium holes with a cutting edge on bottom (look like large raindrops) : used for shredding. Small holes with cutting edge on bottom : used for shredding when you want it finer than the larger size. Outward protruding holes with spiky edges on all sides : used for grating.

What grater do chefs use?

Microplanes are now the graters of choice for professional chefs and home cooks all over the world.

How do you sharpen a box grater?

Hold the box grater upside down or on its side. Take a stiff wire brush to the front and stroke it forcefully over the holes going in the opposite direction from what you would go when grating foods. Do that several times.