Quick Answer: Is Unneat A Word?

What is the opposite word of neat?

Antonyms for neat unclean, dull, false, unpracticed, inaccurate, unkempt, sloppy, dirty, slovenly, unintelligent, stupid, unfashionable, rough, questionable, careless, untidy, messed up, disorderly, disorganized..

What is the opposite of cry?

Opposite of to shed tears, especially from being emotional. laugh. chortle. chuckle. giggle.

What is the opposite of politely?

rudeThe opposite of polite is rude.

What neat means?

English Language Learners Definition of neat : not messy : clean and orderly. : liking to keep things very clean and orderly. : simple and clever.

What does engross mean?

transitive verb. 1a : to copy or write in a large hand. b : to prepare the usually final handwritten or printed text of (an official document)

What does enraptured mean?

transitive verb. : to fill with delight.

What is the synonym of enraptured?

Words related to enrapture bewitch, elate, fascinate, enthrall, beguile, enchant, enamor, gratify, entrance, rejoice, allure, ravish, please, send, delight, score, charm, gladden, spellbind, attract.

Is illuminative a word?

adjective. giving light; illuminating.

Is Enrapt a word?

adjective. rapt; transported; enraptured: a violinist’s enrapt audience.

Is indefatigable a word?

adjective. incapable of being tired out; not yielding to fatigue; untiring.

What is another word for neat?

What is another word for neat?tidyorderlynicedaintyspotlesstricksypropercorrectfinicalfinicky93 more rows

How do you spell Unneat?

Correct spelling for the English word “un-neat” is [ˈʌnnˈiːt], [ˈʌnnˈiːt], [ˈʌ_n_n_ˈiː_t] (IPA phonetic alphabet).