Quick Answer: How Do You Trim An XREF?

How do you remove a boundary?

To do this:Locate the cursor over a boundary that you wish to delete (e.g.

a Material Boundary, or a Water Table).Click the RIGHT mouse button, and the boundary will be “selected”.A popup menu will appear, from which you can select the Delete Boundary option.Select Delete Boundary to delete the boundary..

How do I delete an image in Autocad?

To Erase an Inserted ImageSelect the image.Click Home tab Modify panel Erase. Find. If you erase all instances of an image within a drawing, you may be prompted to detach the image from the drawing.

How do you clip mask in Autocad?

To Mask a Drawing AreaClick Annotate tab Markup panel Wipeout. Find.Specify points in a sequence that defines the perimeter of the area to be masked. You can also enter p and click an existing polyline to use. The polyline must be closed, contain line segments only, and have zero width.Press Enter to end the command.

What is the wipeout command in Autocad?

Creates a polygonal area that masks underlying objects with the current background color. The wipeout area is bounded by a frame that you can turn on or off. You can also choose to display the frame on screen and have it hidden for plotting.

How do you edit xref in place?

To Edit Xref or Block References in PlaceClick Insert tab Reference panel Edit Reference. … From within the current drawing, select the reference that you would like to edit. … In the Reference Edit dialog box, select the specific reference that you want to edit. … Click OK.Select the objects you would like to edit in the reference and press Enter.More items…•

How do you flip a clip in Autocad?

To Invert a Clipped ImageSet IMAGEFRAME, to 1. This displays the clipping boundaries.Select the clipped boundary. You should see the grip at the midpoint on the first edge of the clipped boundary.Click the grip to invert the current x-clip region. The grip now points the other way.

How do I hide clipping boundaries in Autocad?

To Show or Hide Image BoundariesClick Modify menu Object Image Frame.To hide image boundaries, enter 0; to show and plot image boundaries, enter 1; to show image boundaries but not plot them, enter 2.

What is clipping boundary in Autocad?

The clipping boundary determines a portion of an image, underlay, viewport, or external reference to hide. The visibility of the clipping boundary is controlled by the FRAME system variable. The list of prompts varies depending on whether you are clipping an underlay, image, external reference, or viewport.

How do I edit XClip boundaries in Autocad?

Use the PEdit command to edit the polyline. Restart the XClip command, and then use the New | Select polyline option to turn the polyline back into a clipping boundary….Chooses the xrefs to be clipped:Choose one or more xrefs.Enter all to choose all xrefs in the current drawing.Press Enter to continue.

Can you trim an xref in AutoCAD?

Select an xref. Click External Reference tab > Clipping panel > Create Clipping Boundary. If prompted, specify yes to delete any existing boundary. Select a polyline or specify a rectangular or polygonal clipping boundary.

How do I get rid of xref clipping boundaries?

Delete. Removes a clipping boundary for the selected xref or block. To temporarily turn off a clipping boundary, use the Off option. Delete erases the clipping boundary and the clipdepth.