Question: What Are The 2 GHS Signal Words?

What is a GHS signal word?

There are only two signal words in GHS: “Danger” or “Warning”.

They are used to emphasize chemical hazards and indicate the relative level of severity of the hazard.

“Danger” indicates more severe hazards.

Signal word is one integral part of a GHS label..

What are the 3 new GHS hazard classes?

GHS uses three hazard classes: Health Hazards, Physical Hazards and Environmental Hazards.

What does GHS Category 1 mean?

GHS describes the nature and severity of a chemical hazard by hazard class and hazard category: … For example, hazard class flammable liquids can be divided into 4 categories among which flammable liquids category 1 represents the most severe hazard.

What are the 6 GHS label requirements?

6 Components of a GHS LabelProduct Identifier/Ingredient Disclosure.Signal Word.Hazard Statements.Precautionary Statements.Supplier Information.Pictograms.

Which is worse warning or danger?

DANGER means if the danger is not avoided, it will cause death or serious injury. WARNING means if the warning is not heeded, it can cause death or serious injury. CAUTION means if the precaution is not taken, it may cause minor or moderate injury.

What are some signal words used?

Here are some examples of signal words and phrases: “as a result,” “nevertheless,” “at the same time,” and “similarly.”