Question: What Are Extension Lines?

Are leader lines necessary?

A leader also saves main line: Using a Leader allows you to save the amount of braid your cutting every time you tie on a new lure; since braid is pretty darn expensive, tying on a leader can save some money in the long run..

What is the best leader line?

FluorocarbonFluorocarbon is the best fishing leader line to use. The best qualities of fluorocarbon is that it is invisible underwater. It doesn’t reflect the sunlight like monofilament so the fish are not able to see the line and makes your lure/bait look like its naturally floating or moving through the water.

When Should extension lines be broken?

Extension lines should extend 1/8 inch (3mm) beyond the last dimension line. Extension lines should be broken if they cross or are close to arrowheads. Leader lines used to dimension circles or arcs should be radial. Dimensions should be oriented to be read from the bottom of the drawing.

Can extension lines cross each other?

No line of the drawing should be used as a dimension line or coincide with one. … Dimension lines and extension lines should not cross, if avoidable. Extension lines may cross each other. When extension lines cross extension lines or visible lines, no break in either should be made.

What is line extension example?

Meaning of Line Extension A product line extension is when an existing brand launches new products in a product category they already offer products within. For example, when a soft drink company offers a new flavor of soda.

What are the 8 rules of dimensioning?

Terms in this set (8)Rule 1: Dimensions should not be duplicated, nor should the same info be given in two different ways.Rule 2: Dimensions should be attached to the view that best shows the contour of the feature being dimensioned.Rule 3: … Rule 4: … Rule 5: … Rule 6: … Rule 7: … Rule 8:

Should leader lines be heavier?

The heavier the leader you tie on, the less easily your bait will swim if you’re using live bait and the less natural your lure will be presented if you’re throwing lures . You don’t want to lie on a piece of leader that is way thicker than your main line.

What are the two types of dimensioning?

The basic types of dimensioning are linear, radial, angular, ordinate, and arc length. Use the DIM command to create dimensions automatically according to the object type that you want to dimension.

What are extension lines used for?

Extension Lines – are used to extend a surface or a point beyond the outline of the object so that a numerical size can be related to that surface. A small gap is left between the extension line and the outline to which it refers.

What is extension line in Autocad?

Fixed-Length Extension Lines You can specify a dimension style that sets the total length for extension lines starting from the dimension line toward the dimension origin point. The extension line offset distance from the origin will never be less than the value specified by the DIMEXO system variable.

What are leader lines?

A leader line is a line that establishes a connection between a graphical representation of an item and some text. A leader points to a bit of our drawing and says: ‘Oi – Look Here’ and ‘Read This! ‘.

What is double dimensioning?

4.5/5 (66 Views . 14 Votes) Dual dimensioning is the drafting practice of using multiple units of measure in a dimension in the same direction of a feature. SolidWorks and many other CAD programs support dual dimensioning.