Question: How Do You Pronounce Moschino?

Is Moschino a luxury brand?


Moschino is the 46th most popular luxury brand and the 42nd most famous.

Moschino is described by fans as: Expensive, Fun, Unnecessary, Cool and Recognisable..

Is Love Moschino expensive?

Love Moschino is the bridge line. The most obvious difference between the two is price. The main designer line is always more expensive, and the bridge line may be less expensive, but probably still quite pricey to the average consumer.

Where are Moschino products made?

ItalyMoschino is an Italian fashion house founded in 1983 that features luxury fashion clothing and accessories, with an emphasis on leather and ready-to-wear styles. Moschino clothing is primarily manufactured in Italy with additional outsourcing performed in China.

What does Moschino mean?

Moschino (Italian pronunciation: [moˈskiːno]) is an Italian luxury fashion house, specialising in leather accessories, shoes, luggage and fragrances. It was founded in 1983 by Franco Moschino in Milan.